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We are delighted to be able to welcome work from talented local artists to our woodland café space. We are available to host opening nights and to exhibit attractive visual art in our busy café. We have upwards of 15,000 visitors a year and have been told we are the best café on the 78-mile Capital Ring Walk! Our prime location between Highgate and Muswell Hill means we are lucky enough to be able to boast an artistically enlightened and discerning clientele. We are always looking for new artists who would like to exhibit their work in our cafe.

Current Exhibition 

Isabella Mitchell - Of Land and Sea


Isabella Mitchell is an illustrator and artist based in London. 


Her drawings work as a snapshot, capturing an energy, an atmosphere, a time of day, a sense of people and place. Typically studied from observation, she is drawn to scenes that are formed organically, celebrating vernacular architecture, subdued pockets of wilderness and the quirks of characters about their everyday lives.


Isabella desires her illustrations and artworks to be studied and explored, and to be quiet yet slyly hint a context, as if a scene in a wider narrative. She creates images which have a presence capable of putting the viewer ‘in the moment’, with a raw stylistic approach to composition, colour and texture.


Her work, which spans dry media, collage, printmaking and digital drawing, is informed by her daily practice of drawing from life, a process which connects her to the world, and one she uses to better understand and appreciate her surroundings. 


Isabella has also facilitated workshops to help others discover the mindful benefits of drawing and making with their hands. Her clients & collaborators include Drawing Escapes, The Workshop N4, Yodomo, Hemingway Design Events, Hallmark Cards, Salty Studio, Edge & Company & Life Lessons Festival.


Isabella Mitchell trained at Central St. Martins and Nottingham Trent University, where she specialised in printmaking. She lives and works in Haringey, London.


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My practice incorporates painting, collage and performance. I look for the magic in the everyday.


An improviser by nature, I particularly like to use chance processes (dérives, found objects and text) as a springboard to creating collage work. From these urban safaris I construct a narrative where passers-by and animals are cast in starring roles.


To counter the dark days of winter I am showing a series of recent paintings made in warmer climes and the narratives played out there, past and present. I have always been drawn to the sea and am intrigued by islands; as liminal spaces they create bridges between the real and the imaginary. They are far-flung places of escape or exile, the fantasy retreat of pleasure seekers and treasure seekers.  These paintings explore our liberated ‘other selves’, when the rules of home do not apply.


More images of my work can be found on Instagram: @michelleowoo


For more information please email:

Wendy Rolt



When I paint I strive to engage with my sense of a subject.  In this particular body of work I am asking myself personal questions that I do not hold the absolute answers to.  These relate to aspects of faith, the environment, the future, expectations and hope. Often this means holding paradox and the way I can do that is in painting and seeing the human being and figure as complex both internally and externally.  The inside and outside can be seen simultaneously, more than one head creates conversation, being in two minds at one time.


The combination of lyrical lines, block colour, fluid images and collage tell a story of the tensions held within one idea, one question, with no straight forward answer.

As I explore the relationship between myself and the image, which emerges through painting, I hope to also draw the viewer into that process and relationship.  With no finite end to my seeking another painting emerges and I am drawn to the between, the wrestle, the discomfort to sit with no answer and the figure becomes spread out ,now to be seen in new dimensions.


Engaging with Celtic Spirituality, and the writings of John O’Donogue, has been particularly influential towards this group of work.



Angela Eden 

Angela’s artistic journey started in 1975, and always with connections to the land, ownership, migration and movement . The story of the refugee , the boundary and the border are the main themes in her paintings .

 Many of the  works are abstractions ‘as if‘ from space or as the indigenous Australian art is seen from above, and traces the  journeys through the land with memories , dreams and stories.

Fatima Mian 

An exhibit put on by London artist Fatima Mian, showcasing a selection of paintings and photography which are inspired by her recent travels to Canada, Northern Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Cornwall. Her paintings are abstractions from the various landscapes she has visited this year.

Patricia Jordan 

MA Royal College of Art

Communication art and design - Illustration 1996 - 1998


BA (Hons) Central St Martins School of Art 

Fine Art Printmaking and photo media 1991 - 1993


I have always loved animals for as long as I have ever known.

Being brought up as a Catholic my main question was why is

God more important to love than my cat…? I came to the

satisfying conclusion that I could love them both equally.

Beings are born in a multitude of various body shapes, no one

being greater or lesser for it, only capable of different abilities.

When I was 8 years old my cat, Black Beauty, brought in from

the alleyway a flattened, dead sparrow.  My mum allowed me

to dig a grave and bury the sparrow in the garden. I was so upset

by this. I consoled myself by drawing a picture of the sparrow

and at that moment I felt calm, I carefully placed the drawing under my clothes in a drawer and felt the sparrow was safe, no longer alone and would be remembered.

I believe I have the same empathy towards the animals I have drawn ever since.

Even though some people may find it uncomfortable realising that these animals are now dead, I find that spending time with them as I am drawing them is precious. I think about them as individuals, about their life, why they died and how sad that is and yet I have this opportunity to honour their life through drawing.

Each one has a story about that last part of their life - crossing over into this human alien world with me and for me, how alien their world is to mine.

This cross-over time is where I can then share this moment with other humans through drawing. I hope people can experience a moment with a being that is of our world and yet separate from it. Giving us a chance to appreciate how wonderful these beings are.

The memory of the dead bird captured in my drawing can remind us how fortunate we are to share a planet with these great beings and how we should take time to consider their needs as much as we do ours.


Prints are available for sale.

Stella Yarrow 

I am a fine art printmaker, living locally. My prints are inspired by my concern for the natural world –reflecting, for example, my work as a volunteer at local nature reserves such as the Parkland Walk. My prints frequently explore our uneasy relationship with wildlife, reflecting my strong interest in the future of nature in a world increasingly dominated by human activity. I make my prints by hand, using the techniques of lino cut and lino etching. I love experimenting with colour, transparency and texture. I make only small numbers of the same print – and some are unique, one-off prints.

I will be exhibiting my work (including new prints) at Crouch End Open Studios Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12.

To find out more, see or follow me on Instagram @stellayarrow2018.

Rosie Bisset  MA RCA



These etchings are inspired by the patterns, shapes and colours of natural forms, like a sunflower or a honeycomb.

This series is loosely based on the star signs.  I was thinking about the time of year and the elements of water and fire etc

I wanted to avoid using figures -  some of the signs were easy like the crab and the scorpion while for others I had to use my imagination as in the clouds for Aquarius.


Christmas Cards

The little pictures are the original paintings and prints from many past Christmases and there are cards for sale as well.

Instagram: rosiebisset1

Aurélie Monsaingeon

From a Fairy Tale  Alphabet to sketches of local landmarks and illustrations from children’s books, this show offers an eclectic mix of Aurélie’s works. 

Aurélie has always been drawing.  After years working in architecture, films and animations, she is now focusing on children's illustration. 

Her latest projects are the design of a children’s app, an animation for the Oxford Street Christmas Lights, and a new picture book, published by Albury books.

She has previously illustrated two children's picture books, "Bee and the Three Bears", awaiting publication, and Sarah Bailey's "Frank Prepares a Party. A Crouch End Tale." available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. 

“The Boy Who Watered The World”, written by Beth Shoshan, is the third book illustrated by Aurélie and is due out in 2019.  Here is a sneak preview of some of the illustrations and a chance to buy the book before it goes on general sale.

Aurélie's work is inspired by etching, comic books, storyboards, manga old and new, and of course children's books. 

Dip pen and Indian ink are her favourite mediums. She mainly uses traditional techniques such as watercolour, gouache, colour pencils and poscapens markers for her colour illustrations, occasionally she will use photoshop for a more digital feel or purpose. She also draws portraits and welcomes commissions for all sorts of of occasions (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, new baby etc). 

Aurélie works in Crouch End, where she lives with her partner and their two daughters.

Drop by and on instagram @lirelo to see more of her work or just to say hello.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Sophia Charap

Faded Memories


I am interested in the way we recollect places and spaces that are seemingly ordinary and mundane, but have an individual significance in our memory. The process by which our brain stores these mental images has influenced the techniques I use in my works; fading and translucent overlapping images that create a slightly surreal atmosphere. 


I was inspired by my childhood memories of the Regents Canal to create a series of paintings centred around this location, working from images of the canal today and extending elements of them to create unrealistic and distorted representations . I enjoy being able to take advantage of my position as ‘the artist’ to manipulate images so that they are just shy of recognition by the viewer. 


I am drawn to folds in fabric, looking at both the accidental beauty of the forms but also with the ambiguity of what exactly is being portrayed. By playing with scale and overlaying images using various techniques I want to try and emulate abstract feelings of absence and nostalgia. 

My work reflects the urban landscape of my home in North London.  I want to show a sense of wonder in the midst of the city. I am struck by the colour of buildings in the sunlight and the way trees have a magnificent presence throughout the year.  They are the lungs of our city – with all the noise of life their presence is like a song. I recently travelled to New York and have made a body of work drawing on that experience.  Each year I also  visit  the Scottish Isle of Iona, where the sea and sky meet blue on blue.


I graduated from Central St Martin’s University of the Arts London, in 2006, and have exhibited in solo and group shows. I have delivered art workshops in Bethlehem, South Africa and Brazil, making my own work around these experiences. I am currently doing post-graduate studies at the Art Academy, London Bridge.

Meg Wroe 

Painting in the Park

After a career in teaching, I took up portrait and life-drawing followed by an Art Foundation course, which included tuition in collage and textiles.  Formerly focused on figurative art,  I am currently drawn to pattern, repetition and abstraction.  I enjoy playing with surface textures, using materials that have an emotional significance to me.  I am fascinated by human interaction and the instantaneous connections between us.

AIison Sandifer  

Into The Woods

Emma Franks 


My paintings are an expression of my inner world and are a direct narrative of my life. I have for a long time been creating paintings with the aim of transporting the viewer into their own inner reflections, offering a state of calmness and introspection.My paintings have been described as ‘lyrical’, ‘beautiful’, ‘calming’ and ‘poetic’ and I am often asked about their unique style. The process of creating a painting is spontaneous and playful. Often I begin a new work without knowing what will emerge. I slowly build up a picture, applying thin washes of oil paint then rub them away. I am very excited and passionate about the physical act of painting. I love to see how the painting will take on a life of its own and what might emerge by pure accident.

I am very excited to be exhibiting in Queens Wood Cafe as I walk through these woods almost daily and it is a place of deep reflection and retreat.

I hope you like my work, all prints are for sale.

Please contact me on 07974729190 for any enquiries or visit my website

Aurore Swithenbank


Aurore Swithenbank is a printmaker and illustrator based in North London.

All her prints are created by hand carving into linoleum and are hand pulled in her home printmaking studio.

Most of her inspiration comes from nature and folk culture. She spends much of her time sketching and studying in museums and botanical parks around London.

Her recent work is inspired by Vintage Zoology prints with her latest project looking at symbiosis relationships between birds and big mammals.


Her work can also be seen on her website and her instagram account @auroreswith

Janet Kumar


A lifelong local resident, attending Saturday morning art classes at Hornsey College of Art in the 1960s.  Later a BA degree in graphic design at Hornsey (later Middlesex University), and an Open University degree in the arts in 1978. Worked mainly in graphic design for architects and engineers.

Painting, drawing and printing at Studio 27 in Hornsey Road since 2009.


‘Working mainly in acrylic, my subjects are the natural and the domestic. I use the abstract and suggestive qualities of an energetic and active line. Colour is frequently an initial wash, overlaid with a fluid and sensitive Indian ink line.

Influences are many, including Graham Sutherland, Ivon Hitchins, Arshile Gorky.’

Andrew Higgins

Until 13 Febraury 2018

Andrew loves the endless versatility of prints. An experienced draughtsman, he experiments with mark-making, and as a former cineaste he is intrigued by what photo-etching can achieve.


Lino holds a particular fascination and he spends many a happy hour chipping away to create strong lines. He is also interested in blowing up images and playing with fragments, as well as exploring variation in series and in black and white imagery.

Andrew Higgens, 020 7267 3749/07746954786  

Sue Lees

Sue Lees has been a local resident for over 30 years,  and has been painting in watercolours for nearly as long. She has been a member of the Highgate Watercolour Group for quite some time and has more recently joined the Islington Art Society. She is fascinated by watercolour, and particularly enjoys the challenge of outdoor painting and sketching.  She goes out painting with various groups both in London and in East Anglia, and loves every minute of it!

Her work can be seen on the Highgate Watercolour Group’s website:  and also on Instagram under suesymslees. Shortly she will have an independent website at:

Rosie Bissett


I studied printmaking at Dundee art collage and then at the RCA, I do
mainly drawings and etchings, usually inspired by natural forms,
patterns in honeycombs and sunflowers, things like that. I've been
making colored etchings for about six years now, experimenting with
different depths of bite and the viscosity of the ink and the colour.

Meg Wroe


Song of the Trees  

Sept 14 - Oct 3rd 2017 Queens Wood Cafe


I am a local artist, based in Holloway, my recent work is from sketches of my neighbourhood. I want to show a sense of wonder in the midst of the urban landscape, the way trees have a magnificent presence throughout the year, which has a resonance to it – as if they are singing. Trees are the lungs of our city, often unnoticed – with all the noise of life their presence is like a song.


I graduated from Central St Martin’s University of the Arts London, in 2006, and have exhibited in solo and group shows. I have delivered art workshops in Bethlehem, South Africa and Brazil, making my own work around these experiences. I am currently doing post-graduate studies at the Art Academy, London Bridge, and at the same time  work as a children’s Occupational Therapist - which complements and informs what I do.

Jean Hughes

I am an artist living in North London who takes inspiration from the places I visit whether abroad, on walks or visits in this country. I work predominately en plein air using watercolour and gouache, recording nature and landscapes around me.

Living in London I have recently become fascinated with urban sketching and have expanded into using ink and watercolour. I record everyday life and the sights and experiences that occur.

Landscapes and Sketches 

I also meet up with other urban sketchers once a month at various locations throughout London for a sketch, a drink and a chat. It's

a wonderful way to "really see" our city and develop new sketching and recording techniques. Just google 'urban sketchers London'... all standards, including complete beginners, are very welcome.

I believe everyone should be able to own an original piece of art and therefore sell my art at low prices.

Most of all I would like to inspire others to have a go at making their own art.

£20 smaller unframed sketches

£ 55 unframed £65 framed A4 size paintings

£ 65 unframed £75 framed A3 size paintings

If you are interested in purchasing any of my art please email 

Sarah Needham

Towards the end of 2016 I branched out into other evocative pigments, pigments that had a relevant place in the history of people and trade, ochres, the oldest pigment known to have been used for pure mark making purposes; which can be found in cave paintings across the globe:  

The work in this show represents the exploratory process I went through from 2016-2017  developing  three series of works using raw pigments.  The origins of these works came from a series I did for St Katharine Docks exploring the history of the docks as a trading centre, and I started using indigo as a pigment in oil based media.  I became fascinated by the way in which the pigment interacted with the media not just in terms of glossiness or matt effect but also in terms of luminosity and even perception of colour.



Chromium oxide a pigment developed during the industrial revolution for use in the ceramics industry and first used as a painting pigment by Turner; its special quality being opacity: Veridian a less opaque darker relative of chromium oxide famed for its lack of toxicity which can be contrasted in every sense with cadmium famed for the opposite, and a very few others.   In these works I use a very limited palette to create a sense of three dimensional space on a small 2 dimensional surface using the minimum of suggestive marks.

The intention is to draw you in, to create spaces for lost memories, both personal and those related to trade.  These works form part of the practical research that makes the back bone to several series of larger works entitled: The Lost Girl series which are centred around the experience of dementia within the context of a cultural diaspora. The Wine Dark Sea series which create links between contemporary economic-political events and the classical Aegean. The Space in Between Series of works which are an invitation to get a bit lost and remember.


For more information please go to follow me on twitter at @rosarahneedham and on instagram as sarahneedham1965. 


 If you would like an invitation to the Private View on the 16th June please email me at 

The Private View  is a by invitation only event.

Naomi Selig

Now showing the gorgeous colourful mosaics of Naomi Selig

Naomi makes all kinds of work including furniture, pictures, garden features and mosaic terraces and community projects. 


For commissions please contact her on:


Barbara Beyer 

Barbara Beyer is an Artist who lives and works in North London.

Barbara has trained as a sculptor and has a great interest in the direct working processes of drawing and printmaking.

Her exhibition “Beyond the Fence” in Queeswood Café will show a series of mono-prints inspired by the surrounding woodlands and allotments in early spring. The prints are not direct representations of the landscape but an exploration of our sense of discovery and wonder when we chance upon new pathways.

Tony Swann
Tony Swann

I love to draw and paint and find myself increasingly attracted to the challenge of capturing a likeness and character in portraits. All the studies in this show have been done "live" from the person (no photographs involved!) as this allows me to see beyond the moment and savour the subtleties that reveal themselves over time. Like the Impressionists I consider painting to be an investigation into both light and colour, which when accurately observed, can translate into atmosphere and also in the case of portraiture physical form itself.


I run a life drawing class in nearby Hampstead and portrait workshops too. Please contact: if you are interested in either of these.


Should you be interested in commissioning or enquiring about a portrait painting or drawing please contact me personally on: or phone 07709 938188

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