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Art at the cafe

We are delighted to be able to welcome work from talented local artists to our woodland café space. We are available to host opening nights and to exhibit attractive visual art in our busy café. We have upwards of 15,000 visitors a year and have been told we are the best café on the 78-mile Capital Ring Walk! Our prime location between Highgate and Muswell Hill means we are lucky enough to be able to boast an artistically enlightened and discerning clientele. We are always looking for new artists who would like to exhibit their work in our cafe.

Art exhibition guidelines

Current Exhibition

Touching Nature: Touched by Nature: An Environmental Arts Therapy Exhibition

The works of art in this space recognise our need for constancy, continuity and rhythm, embodied in both our relationship with the heavenly orbs and our desire to be ‘earthed’ like the trees in the woods. The artworks comprise elements of the natural world that allow us, as humans, to connect to a sense of perpetuity amidst the chaos of lived experience in the wider world. We honour what is both above and below. These artworks are inspired by and pay homage to the metaphors that have appeared within ancient, holy traditions since the beginnings of the written word, and within modern word also. They point us towards images of nature and the elements so that we may learn how to live wisely, alleviate suffering, and find meaning and purpose in life. 

Past Exhibition


Isabella Mitchell - Of Land and Sea


Isabella Mitchell is an illustrator and artist based in London. 


Her drawings work as a snapshot, capturing an energy, an atmosphere, a time of day, a sense of people and place. Typically studied from observation, she is drawn to scenes that are formed organically, celebrating vernacular architecture, subdued pockets of wilderness and the quirks of characters about their everyday lives.


Isabella desires her illustrations and artworks to be studied and explored, and to be quiet yet slyly hint a context, as if a scene in a wider narrative. She creates images which have a presence capable of putting the viewer ‘in the moment’, with a raw stylistic approach to composition, colour and texture.


Her work, which spans dry media, collage, printmaking and digital drawing, is informed by her daily practice of drawing from life, a process which connects her to the world, and one she uses to better understand and appreciate her surroundings. 


Isabella has also facilitated workshops to help others discover the mindful benefits of drawing and making with their hands. Her clients & collaborators include Drawing Escapes, The Workshop N4, Yodomo, Hemingway Design Events, Hallmark Cards, Salty Studio, Edge & Company & Life Lessons Festival.


Isabella Mitchell trained at Central St. Martins and Nottingham Trent University, where she specialised in printmaking. She lives and works in Haringey, London.



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Image above: Secret garden by Isabella Mitchell

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