Children's Parties 

Children's Parties

Thank you for arranging a wonderful 5th birthday party for our children, we all had a great time, see you next year!' - F
Having a party? Why not have a themed adventure party in the woods…

A professional performer will take the children on a unique and exciting woodland adventure based around a theme. 


Choose from our popular themes of: Superheroes, Fairies, Elves, Dinosaurs, Princesses, Murder Mystery, Pirates or a theme of your choosing!


A skilled entertainer leads the children in games, music and other jollities and involves them in an imaginative and exciting story based on the chosen theme. There will then be a treasure hunt or Quest to save the world – an adventure in the magical and mysterious Queens Wood. The birthday child is guaranteed a significant role. We need some parents to accompany the group for the adventure, so that there is always at least one adult for every five children.


Many parents enjoy the parties almost as much as the kids. Having found the lost treasure or saved the world, the children then have a feast which can include pizza, vegetable slices, potato wedges, crisps, popcorn, yummy sweet things, fruit and juice. If it’s sunny, this can be a picnic. Other food options, such as pasta, can be provided. If you have special food requirements, just let us know and we will try to accommodate you. If you are strictly Kosher or Halal, you may prefer to make your own arrangements for the food and drinks.


In the case of blizzard, hurricane or monsoon, the whole party takes place indoors, but ordinary bad weather is simply ignored, so please provide wellies, raincoats and hats where appropriate.

All you have to do is choose the theme and provide the birthday cake, the balloons and the party bags, if you want them. Then just turn up and relax.


We can accommodate from 15 to 30 kids at a time. The age range is 3 – 11. The fun lasts for just under two hours. The price for 15 kids is £325, (first price increase for ten years) with £15.00 per head for each extra child. This covers the entertainer and all the children’s food. A deposit of £125.00 guarantees your adventure. (Sorry, but we don’t like piñatas or party poppers, they make too much mess.)


Remember, adults can buy meals or refreshments from the cafe, which will remain open during the party. If you want to entertain your guests we can provide an adult platter with canapés, dips etc. by arrangement with the kitchen. Platter menus start at £65.00. Alternatively you can run a tab at the till to provide your guests with drinks (or more) at your expense. We are licensed, so when your kids are having a lovely time in the woods, you can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine or a Pimms in the cafe while you wait for them.

Please note: We take every measure to ensure that parties are comfortable and safe. Each five children must be accompanied by one responsible adult to ensure the welfare of children on the premises. Please also note that any damages or breakages must be paid for.

On the day, we gather at the cabin at the back of the garden. This is where the story begins! We then head into the woods where the adventure unfolds along a trail lasting about an hour. 

The children will play games, follow clues and find treasure. 


Once the final clue has been read and the last bit of treasure has been found, we return to the cabin to find that food has appeared! 


After a well deserved feast, the candles are lit and we all sing happy birthday. 


This is truly an adventure they will remember forever! 

Choose your theme and we will take care of the rest.

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