Dog Policy 

We warmly welcome dog owners and dog walkers and their pets to come and refresh themselves in our cafe in the woods. However, in order to ensure the safety and comfort of all our customers and staff, we have set out the following guidelines.

  • Well-behaved dogs, under the control of their owners, are welcome onto the veranda of the cafe, but they are asked to sit under the table, so they do not become a tripping hazard for other customers and staff.

  • Dogs are not permitted inside the cafe or in the community garden.

  • Owners are asked to be sensitive to other customers and small children who may be frightened of dogs and to keep their pets under control at all times.

  • Those owners who would like to tie up their dogs are asked to please NOT tie them onto the stairway railings, as this can obstruct the entry and exit.

  • We provide water bowls outside the veranda. If the bowls are empty, owners may fill them behind the cafe, through the gates to the garden, from the tap to the left.

  • We have a selection of ‘doggy treats’ available – please ask inside the cafe!


Thank you in advance for your cooperation to these guidelines.

Dog Policy

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