Karen Raingold


22nd Feb - End of April 2016


Karen is an artist who lives and works in London. She studied Illustration at London College of Communication and continues to create colourful, illustrative art pieces. She also works as a community artist and art therapist. Karen’s work explores our nostalgic relationship to objects, landscapes and images.


A central theme to Karen’s work is the idea of collection, which she explores in this exhibition. As a child she collected spoons and later folk objects and tortoise figurines. More recently she has begun building a collection of old images through public domain libraries, taking an interest in which images catch her attention. She then works over these by creating patterns, collections of shapes and colours in themselves, in a variety of media. In this way, she adds her own mark to the images, playing with the sense of ownership, a process mimicked in our selection and grouping of personal collections.


She also creates original drawings through assembling objects that reflect her childhood memories and sense of place within the diverse and vibrant city of London.


Do get in touch if you would like to know more or commission Karen to create a piece of work or run workshops.



Previous Exhibitions



14 Nov 2015 - 21 Feb 2016


A joint exhibition by Sanja Pucan & Verity Flute


This exhibition explores, investigates & celebrates the nature of Queen's Wood through paintings, drawings & photography.


It will be up to open from Saturday 14th November and the artists would love people to drop into the cafe for a drink, have a chat, and see the work. They will be adding to the exhibition throughout its run, so suggest frequent visits to the cafe to watch the exhibition evolve, snap up a bargain or suggest pictures you’d like to see. They will be making work and enjoying the space right up to February 21st. 


The show is dedicated to the memory of the Cornish artist & musician Chris Eaves (1947 - 2015)


Magnets and postcards for sale.


Further details about the artists:


Verity spent her childhood in the wet, green, cool of far West Cornwall, and the bright, dry heat of North Queensland, Oz, before venturing to the sub-tropics. In her mid-twenties she relocated to London, & settled in Highgate. Her interests include visual arts, astrology, sound, movement, permaculture, conservation, philosophy & psychology. Currently she's inspired by nature, observing movement, social anthropology, mysticism, and seeking a sense of place. She has shown her work in Australia & England, at The Royal Albert Hall, The Fort, The Vaults Gallery, & Royal Queensland Art Society.




Sanja is a keen photographer and her work includes installations, video-work, performance, printmaking and book art. All work could be classified as conceptual art. Her last exhibition displayed work inspired by consumerism and ecology and her current work is inspired by Queens woods in Highgate, London. Sanja lives and works in London.

A Journey in the Woods 

21st July - 13th November 2015


Jenni Gregory - Artist and multi media maker
Jenni Gregory has been making art, in all its forms for the past 30 years, having attended Winchester and then the Royal College of Art to study textiles has since been interested in developing decorative, explorative textural pieces of work. Jenni draws her inspiration from the deep unconscious archetypal imagery that bubbles up from dream states and through observation of nature, emotion and human relationships, since finishing the Royal College, Jenni has developed several themes and strand of work- the dark drawings and paintings that depict a visceral world or underworld through which the observer travels through under-world travelling through torrents forward to an enclosed space at the base of the foothills of blue mountain ranges- at patterned world of human relationships in which vessels and transporting forms carry the journey onward- through embroidered gardens over which Buddha presides through calm and splendor as the god of flowers endless overseeing creation and renewal.
For more information or to buy please contact Jenni Gregory
Si Hunt, Photographer
May - June 2015 


Si was born in the mid fifties in Solihull, by the early sixties two things were very clear, firstly he was partially color blind, and secondly couldn’t operate a pen, pencil, crayon etc. to save his life. Although his late Father, Ron, was a talented artist, understandably Si didn’t get too much encouragement in the art department.


Around 1980 his father gave him his old 35mm Praktika SLR and he started taking photographs. Suddenly a whole new world opened up to him, he found he had an artistic ability and now had a tool with which to express it.


Si joined a local camera club and started winning awards, learned the technical side of photography and studied visual literacy. He then graduated to higher standards of clubs including Twickenham, The Royal Photographic Society where he was awarded a distinction, and The London Camera Club where he was invited to join the lecture team, studied teaching and gained a qualification in teach adults.


Commercial work soon came along with clients including The Church Times, Savoy Hotel, Royal Sovereign Group and personal commissions. Si opened his first one man exhibition in Covent Garden in 1989, gaining critical acclaim. In the early 90’s Si retired from photography for personal reasons.


End of 2012. Inspired through mentoring a friend, Si bought a Nikon DSLR to see if he could still make pictures.


2013. Launched GrafficSnapZ website, started selling work and building client base. Clients include Reynolds CS, Enfield Business Retailers Association, J D Wetherspoons and New York artist Stefan Romeo. Produced first book, Painting With Light.


2014. Kept on keeping on.


2015. Exhibited in Alexandra Park. Opened one-man exhibition, The Highgate Series, at the Queens Wood Café, Highgate. Si is now working on a new book on visual literacy. His next exhibition will be in the Autumn at the Loughton Art Centre.



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